exploring the pharmaceutical niche


Orphanion is a Swiss-based CRO/CMO that focuses on Contract Research and Manufacturing Services for pharmaceutical niche APIs, such as orphan drugs and related intermediates. This includes molecules that are difficult to synthesize, both from a process as well as a patent point-of-view, and also APIs for orphan indications.  

The route of synthesis is developed by a contract manufacturer, who can also perform a later up-scaling if required. The virtual set-up of Orphanion guarantees a cost-efficient service for our clients.

With many years of experience in outsourcing activities in Southeast Asia, Orphanion has established an extensive network of highly qualified manufacturers in India and China, and offers clients carefully selected product solutions. Due to the small patient population, pharmaceutical ingredients developed for „Orphan Diseases“ are produced, typically, in small volumes, thereby Orphanion offers  our clients a perfect approach to overcome this challenge.