exploring the pharmaceutical niche



Managing Director - Guido Bossi

Guido has extensive international experience in the Life Science industry and has held senior positions in Business Development, Sales and Marketing, Licensing and Project Management – from Fortune 500 companies, including Merck & Co. Inc. to service providers (such as Solvias, Switzerland) and venture capital start-ups. His career focuses on the Pharmaceutical, Animal Health and Nutrition, Agchem as well as Biotech sectors. More recently, Guido has supported a number of clients as a consultant to develop their international client base.


CMC Director - Alexander Bilz

Alexander Bilz, PhD. Alex is our CMC advisor due to his strong technical and regulatory background and solid understanding of all aspects related to pharmaceutical development. Alex professional experience includes senior management positions such as Managing Director of Syntchemie Ltd (Switzerland) and Technical Director at Speedel Pharma (Switzerland) while being responsible for pharmaceutical research, development and production.     


Scientific Advisory Board - Thomas Rupp

Thomas started his career in the oligonucleotide field in 1985 establishing the core-facility for oligonucleotide synthesis and DNA sequencing at the German Cancer Research Centre (DKFZ) in Heidelberg, Germany, as member of the research group of Nobel Laureate Harald zur Hausen. In the following years he continued to work for several academic research groups. Thomas’ professional track record includes biotech companies like Innovir GmbH, Göttingen, Noxxon Pharma AG, Berlin, where he established the Spiegelmer production process, as well as GE Healthcare as Global Application Specialist for oligonucleotide related products.     
With over 8 years of GMP and 30+ years of oligonucleotide CMC and QC experience, Thomas’ expertise is almost unmatched in this rapidly developing, innovative and promising area.